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Mitra Sehati Clinic celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Indonesia

Mitra Sehati Clinic celebrated Global Handwashing Day with the schoolchildren in a number of locations. The celebrations included disseminating information about the importance of handwashing with soap and a Handwashing performance that included the singing of handwashing songs.

Mitra Sehati Clinic has educated:

60 Army wives in ‘Infantry Battalion of Raider 400/Raider Bull’ in Jepara, Central Java on September 29, 2017;

120 Elementary students at Karimunjawa Public Elementary School in Karimunjawa Island, Central Java on September 30, 2017;

110 Kindergarten children in Aisyiyah 12 Kindergarten, Bandung City, West Java on October 16, 2017;

40 Kindergarten children in Kid Rainbow Kindergarten, Cinunuk, Bandung District, West Java.

For these events, organizes created a simple song to make it easier for participants to do 6-step handwashing, so they can easily remember the movement of handwashing while singing with joy. It is hoped that they can remember the importance of maintaining health begins by washing their hands for their future.

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