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National Network of Health Mediators celebrates in Bulgaria with ten-day campaign

The National Network of Health Mediators in Bulgaria implemented different activities as part of the Global Handwashing Day initiative. Key figures in the celebration were health mediators, who worked with children and mixed groups of children, and with parents and adults. Health mediators are the link between Roma communities and social and health services in Bulgaria. On Global Handwashing Day, mediators explained to the children why it is so important to clean our hands not only with water, but with soap as well. They used games and activities from Planner’s Guide for 2016 and different other guidebooks on hygiene education. In the initiative joined 18 Health mediators who are working in different settlements, and in every settlement are different Roma communities. The economic and educational situation is also different, so everyone of them choose where and how to do the campaign. The celebrations started on 10th October and finished in the end of the month. In some places institutions liked the activity very much, so they will support educational meetings on hygiene to be repeated. All health mediators organized 24 gatherings in total, with celebrations taking place in 6 kindergartens, 11 schools, 3 Centers for Community Support, and 1 Home for Children Deprived from Parental Care, Evangelical church. The organizers developed and printed two types of posters and a sticker with the motto of the campaign this year. The sticker was put on the walls near the sink in the school toilets to remind than we should wash our hands. After gatherings all children received small gifts – small stickers with other images from the PHASE programme and soap and/or fruit, The information about the Global Handwashing Day was disseminated on Facebook pages of our organization, local media in the settlements, web-pages of partners organizations.

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