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Not Just a Day–It’s Our Future

Location: Nilphamari, Bangladesh
Participants: 67,000
Organizations: RDRS Bangladesh

RDRS Bangladesh celebrated Global Handwashing Day with a rally, discussion session, and learning session of proper handwashing with soap.

In Dimla and Jaldhaka, sub-districts of Nilphamari a total of 6 pre-primary, 199 primary, 43 secondary schools and 10 communities participated Global Handwashing Day Celebrations. As a part of their initiatives for corporate social responsibility, KiK Textilien and Non-Food GmbH, German, partnered with these schools and communities to educate 67,000 students proper handwashing technique with soap. The students learned how this simple behavior, taking only minutes can protect them from disease.

The students staged parades in surrounding communities to raise public awareness about washing their hands in proper form at the key times. RDRS Bangladesh hopes that the celebration of GHD will establish handwashing habits in its participants.

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