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Plan International celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Sri Lanka

Plan International will celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2017 in North Centra and Uva provinces at Mu/ Muththeaiyankaddu primary and secondary Schools in Mulativu. They have organized a handwashing drill and awareness creation by medical health officer, handwashing awareness and demonstration programs in 11 schools, preschools, and health centers in Padaviya with Unilever partnership. Partners: Departments of Education and Health, ECCD Authority, Unilever

In Uva Province on October 15th with estimated participants at Monaragala tea state with 80 preschool children with their parents and 8 teachers on 16th October at Buttala Samanala preschool-Unawatuna with 180 preschool children, their parents and 20 teachers; and in Mahaoya Unuwaturabubula with 85 preschool children, their parents, and 12 teachers. Partners: ECCD Bureau, Zonal Education officers, preschool federation in Monaragala.

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