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PMU-Liberia celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017

PMU-Liberia celebrated in 16 catchments in Lofa County in observance of Global Handwashing Day. The community advocacy was held from October 15-16 in Lofa County villages and towns. PMU-Liberia held the awareness campaign and outreach into communities including hard to reach areas in Liberia, educating rural residents on the relevance of handwashing at all times of their daily lives. PMU-Liberia GHD reached team over 30,00 persons in remote communities with about 5-6 km/hours walking distance.

PMU-Liberia Programme Manager and team visited more than 10 villages in Lofa and distributed few hand washing materials to needed  people including soap, chlorax, hand sanitizers, buckets with faucets for use in both private and public areas and homes. Meeting with town chiefs, women, youth and healthcare workers, the team emphasized that handwashing is one of the Infection Prevention practices that saves lives of many people from falling ill to tropical and neglected diseases in Liberia.

Handwashing awareness and materials outreach was also carried on by 16-OICs assigned at the catchments who met and distributed the items to 3,200 persons including women, children, local chiefs, women leaders. Presenting the items to communities’ representatives, PMU-Liberia M&E Supervisor told beneficiaries to make maximum use of the materials intended to promote healthy life and increase life expectancy of innocent children.

The outreach campaign and awareness was part of the advocacy on GHD was carried into health facilities, and the team also issued out buckets with soap mixed and few posters and placards and posted same at some facilities for patients and healthcare workers to view.

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