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Polish Humanitarian Action celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in South Sudan

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) celebrated Global Handwashing Day between October 16th and 20th in Luri county. Organizers hosted handwashing presentations, video screenings, dramas and skits, songs about handwashing, and demonstrations. A total of 5820 pupils in five schools (Gudele west, Eloi, Holy family, Jean missionary and Faith and Hope nursery and primary schools) located in Gurei and Gudele, in South Sudan, while the national celebration was held in Juba, Don Bosco primary school located in Gumbo one of the hotspot areas on 16th October 2017.

PAH decided to extend the day longer by a week to work with schools from the cholera hotspots areas to carry on with events/activities aimed at promoting handwashing PAH identified five (5) primary schools in the cholera hotspot areas of Gurei and Gudele for the one-week long celebration each day for a school as these were the hotspot areas were PAH recently conducted cholera control and
preparedness activities from June to August 2017. The schools include Faith and Hope Nursary and primary schools, Gudele west Nursary and primary school, Jean Missionary Nursary and Primary School, Eloi Nursary and Primary school and Holy family Nursary and primary school.

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