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ProSwiftCare celebrates with 4th Graders in Los Angeles!

On October 14, ProSwiftCare celebrated Global Handwashing Day with Short Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA. ProSwiftCare prepared an informative, interactive, and fun 30-minute presentation for the 4th grade class to teach them the importance of handwashing. We taught 35 students the 7 steps of proper handwashing. We then asked the students questions to ensure they were paying attention. To close the Global Handwashing celebration, we had a coloring/numbering steps activity sheet for the students to do where the students colored images depicting steps for proper handwashing. Two students were awarded winners, and were giving a Handwashing Activity Book. ProSwiftCare made every student a winner by presenting them with goody bags, which included: 1 sharpener, 1 box of crayons, 2 hand sanitizers, and a Global Handwashing Day t-shirt.


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