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Russian National Committee of OMEP celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Russia

In celebration of Global Handwashing Day, the Russian National Committee of OMEP engaged children and their parents to draw attention to the importance of handwashing with soap in disease prevention and overall health. Seven Russian preschool organizations took part in these events. Each kindergarten has organized a unique thematic day for the children. In that day all the children with good fairy tale creatures has helped to fight with evil creatures – microbus, also unraveled a riddles about hygiene and cleanliness, have participated contests, relay races and quizzes. Our pedagogues were particularly focused on the creative development of children: a series of fine artworks devoted to the Global handwashing day on which children have represented the main symbols of a holiday has been created: water, soap and hand. Especially for the holiday has been organized the theatrical performance, children of the senior group have shown for younger children the representations famous tales “Moydodyr” (roughly translated as “Wash’em’clean”) by the famous Russian writer K.I. Chukovsky. No child has left without a present in that day! Each participant recieved a gift from our event partner TM “UMKA,” Handwashing instructions, a Handwashing-themed coloring book and soap. On October 15 the OMEP Committee organized a virtual flashmob on social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Participants of the flashmob posted photos of their children washing their hands.

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