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Solomon Islands Ministry of Health & UNICEF Celebrate GHD

Where: Solomon Islands
Organizations: Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services, UNICEF Solomon Islands
Number of Participants: More than 400 people, with 30 dignitaries

Community event held at one of the rural schools, combined with the launch of a National Handwashing Strategic Health Communication Plan. Activities included speeches from invited guests, songs and drama from the Primary School, drama from the nearby school for people with disabilities, handwashing demonstration, and a mass handwashing by invited guests and attendees using home-made handwashing facilities. It was supported with funds from Australian Government and EU, with soap donated by Colgate-Palmolive.

After the event, one person came to me and said “The speeches were great. I never knew that handwashing had such a big impact. And I learnt how to make simple handwashing facilities. I’m going to go home and make one for every room”

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