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Solomon Islands Red Cross & French Red Cross Celebrate GHD 2015

Organizers: Solomon Islands Red Cross & French Red Cross
Number of Participants: 780 children

Red Cross organised the 2015 Global Handwashing Day with principals and teachers of 4 schools in Honiara. 8 volunteers animated 23 sessions where students were introduced to the hook worm and how we can fight it – with water and soap of course. The kids did show a lot of enthusiasm for participating in the quiz and singing the hand washing song. After the event, we had a mother calling to the office to thank us because now her 2 children keep washing their hands without her asking. Because of the positive response, we plan to do the same activities in another 2 schools.

The event was made possible with the support of: USAID-funded SCP3 project, and In-kind donation of 360 bars of soap from Colgate-Palmolive through Ministry of Health.

Check out a brief video of the event here.

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