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Springing Hope Foundation celebrates with an online campaign and in schools

The Springing Hope Foundation celebrated Global Handwashing Day in Ghana by launching their campaign, Clean Hands Save Lives, a one-week online campaign to create awareness on the importance of Handwashing. This campaign used social media platforms to educate the public on the importance of handwashing, information on the data relating to child mortality, and the proper method of handwashing with soap. At the end of the one week campaign which was prior to the 15th of October, the organization conducted an online quiz to test participants on the knowledge imparted. In addition, they conducted lecture and demonstration exercise on the 14th of October at a primary school in Accra, which was comprised of 4 volunteers and 60 participants. They also had the opportunity to demonstrate and pledged to transfer what they had learnt to friends and family members as well as adopting hand washing as a habit.

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