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The Bolivian Ministry of Environment & Water celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017

Bolivia will celebrate Global Handwashing Day, under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Water, to this initiative are added the Departmental and Municipal Autonomous Governments more committed to the health and well-being of children. We celebrate in alliance with the support of non-governmental organizations, cooperation agencies, youth groups and volunteers. Together the Ministry take this opportunity and demonstrate to the population the direct relationship between hygiene and health.

A) Central act: Demonstrative and playful fair. There are 3 to 4 games, handwashing stations and the manito and commitment board in an already established fair and open competition and as the Sunday fair of the meadow. On the occasion there are young volunteers who organize the games and dynamics for learning and proper handwashing practice, including key questions, painting and drawing of messages, observation of use of a recreational bath scale, crafts with saving bottles, the stamping of hands and commitments, and the handwashing itself in bucket of tap or bottle saving. Finally, the distribution of information material and children’s hygiene kits.

B) Informative circular: The conceptual note is printed and distributed to the media, friendly institutions, and in digital to social networks.

D) Media tour: Technicians and / or authorities of the Ministry and vice-ministry, evidence to the population the direct relationship between hygiene and health with messages on handwashing.

D) 100% of the Educational Units of the municipality of La Paz (government headquarters), are summoned and sensitized through circulars distributed for school breakfast to approach and generate a moment of reflection and practice of handwashing during recess and civic hours.

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