Global Handwashing Partnership
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The Indian Institute of Youth and Development in collaboraties with the FANSA-India Odisha

Global Handwashing Day was observed by the Indian Institute of Youth and Development (IIYD) in collaboration with the FANSA-India Odisha chapter on October 15 in different parts of the state. Efforts covered tribal, general community, women, students, and youths under this program with the objective of sensitizing people on the importance handwashing; sensitizing the community on unhygienic situation at their surrounding, existing practices of sanitation, causes of diseases and its impact on health; educating rural community on hand washing and its usefulness on socio-economic condition of the people; and creating awareness on different government programs on WASH, particularly the Swacha Bharat Mission Clean India campaign. The programs were organized inviting government personnel, panchayatiraj institution members, health practitioners, health workers, NGO personnel. Village and school level sensitization meetings, rally in villages, group discussions and demonstrations were organized. 2602 individuals were reached at 14 different events.

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Global Handwashing