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The Suryaa Hotel & Save the Children celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2017 in India

The Suryaa five-star deluxe hotel in New Delhi and Save the Children celebrated Global Handwashing Day in Khizrabad with 50 underprivileged children aged 6 to 12. Activities included:

  • Kids were shown a small presentation on importance of hand washing, when and how to wash hands.
  • Tug o’ war game was played with kids. One team played as soap, water, and hands. Second team played as germs to test each other’s strength.
  • A dance on seven step hand washing and one small movie ‘SWACHHTA AND KHUSHHALI (Cleanliness and Happiness)’ was shown to kids.
  • A small activity of coloring handprints was done among the kids. 


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