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Triangle Génération Humanitaire celebrates Global Handwashing Day in Lao PDR

Génération Humanitaire (TGH) has celebrated Global Handwashing Day by promoting healthy hygiene practices through various media tools, including art, movies, games, to reach 30 teachers, 512 children, and 494 adults in Boualapha District of Khammouane Province. TGH has implemented activities in schools during the day such as: paint hygiene messages on wood boards, games and workshop for the children to make their own handwashing systems with local material. During the evening, the adults watched a movie about hygiene and debate about the difficulties to implement the good hygiene practices and how to overcome these difficulties to let good hygiene practices becoming a habit!


20161017_MimicGame_BanLathKaMa 20161017_PrizeAfterFlyGamme_BanLathKaMa 20161017_SignboardPaint_BanLathKaMa 20161018_Children_BanPakouey 20161018_ChildrenWithSignboard_BanPakouey 20161018_FlyRace_BanPakouey 20161018_HandWashingSystPaint_BanPakouey 20161017_HandWashingSystemPaint_BanLathKaMaTriangle

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