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UN-Habitat celebrates by “clowning around” at schools in Lebanon

This year, UN-Habitat raised awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap through entertaining advocacy events, which targeted 850 children of different ages from the local communities and the Syrian Refugees. In coordination with Clown Me In, a professional and enthusiastic theatre clowning troupe, children learned about the importance of washing their hands in fun and interactive clown shows. Clown Me In is a clown theatre company that specializes in bringing theatre to vulnerable populations, and focusing on art as a means of expression.

In their interactive show, they brought up children to participate in the performances, practice washing their hands, and sing along to a song written specifically for Handwashing Day.The events were held in four locations during October 10-17, 2016: Bwarej- Bekaa, Jib Jinnine-Bekaa, Jazirat Abd El Wehab-Tripoli and Loubieh-Sahel Zahrani.

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