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UNICEF and Government of Sri Lanka celebrates Global Handwashing Day in every school

With the support of the Ministry of Education, UNICEF Sri Lanka organized the Global Handwashing Day celebration 2016 in all schools of Sri Lanka, covering 1.5 million primary and secondary students. They were refreshed of the Day’s importance with specific messages while linking them with their routine WASH practices under the school health promotion program. Schools were guided to develop their own customized programs based on the key content. Special ceremonial events took place in all the 98 education zones in the country with 25,000 students from selected schools. Knowledge promotion by invited resource persons, hand washing messages developed by children, audio visual/theatre performance by children and peer to peer demonstrations were part of these events. In addition these special events helped raising the profile of hand washing with soap in particular and WASH in schools in general due to the participation of regional political leaders, community leaders, media and parents. Both special events and school events were conducted with the convergence and collaboration of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health with the support of non-governmental and private sector resources as available.

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