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UNICEF and the Government of the DRC launch country-wide celebration

UNICEF DRC supported awareness campaigns at the national level in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communication and Gender, schools, and religious groups. This countrywide sensitization and promotion campaign was lead by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and reached 310,000 students in 1,600 schools, 3,500,000 in 6,000 villages, and 100 Churches. Considering the increase in cholera cases in DRC, UNICEF took advantage of the Global Handwashing Day to reinforce cholera prevention messages. UNICEF conducted advocacy-related activities with reporters, donors, and the Ministry of Health. Other activities included household visits, handwashing demonstrations, and distributed materials in schools and villages. Global Handwashing Day was celebrated in all provinces of the DRC.

UNICEF DRC promoted mass media & public relation activities including televised panel discussions, radio announcements on community and commercial radio stations in 4 local languages (Tshiluba, Lingala, Swahili, and Kikongo), interactive radio programs on local and national channels, press briefings, and published articles by children reporters. For Global Handwashing Day, the Ministry of Health launched a three-month campaign on personal hygiene, which have broadcast songs and spots by radio.

All staff UNICEF DRC received soap and key messages Global Handwashing Day.

Publication of articles and Press releases available on Pona Bana (national blog and information site by children supported by UNICEF) and on the program website

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