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UNICEF celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Guinea-Bissau

In Guinea-Bissau, the central Global Handwashing Day celebrations were organized by the government, UNICEF and other partners from the Water & Sanitation Group in the basic school of Manga, located in the northern region of Oio. The celebrations were comprised three components.

1. Music Event Performance of two teenagers who won the music contest organized by UNICEF. The UNICEF National Ambassador, Tchuma Bari, in Guinea-Bissau also performed during this event. During this event, three masks depicting the elements linked to the practice of handwashing namely soap, water and hands, have been animating the setting.

2. Inauguration of the School Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities. The hygiene and sanitation facilities of the school have also been rehabilitated. The new latrine and group handwashing station have been inaugurated with a lot of joy from the children, after the speeches of the Representative of UNICEF and Government Partners at central and regional level.

3. Awareness-raising activities Both Ministry of Natural Resources and the NGO HANDICAP organized other complementary activities such as the performance of community theatres and dialogues. To further contribute to the public awareness about the celebration of the date, UNICEF produced two TV spots, which have been broadcasted through the national television.

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