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UNICEF celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Iraq

UNICEF Iraq celebrated across Iraq in over 100 schools. UNICEF’s WASH section produced and distributed various materials, such as handwashing brochures, posters, flyers, branded notebooks, coloring books, and more. Two videos were been produced and shared during this event. UNICEF social media platforms were actively engaged to celebrate this day.

3,500 school children and 70 teachers in seven primary schools within Baghdad city, the capital of Iraq, have enhanced their knowledge and practicing their hygiene behavior in their learning environment, these activities included dissemination of key messages on importance of handwashing, awareness magazines, brochures and posters as well as practical handwashing with soap and water.

5,000 youth students and 60 teachers from Al Mustansiriya University in the capital Baghdad and to ensure sustainability, provision and installation of booth inside university along with regular distribution of key messages to students.

2,500 youth students from Baghdad, had engaged in mass event on handwashing at the Institute of Administration at the University of Technology, with participation of the dean of institute and 16 teachers as well as representative from the ministry of higher education and scientific research.

UNICEF conducted 2-day environmental camping at Al Zawra’a park sustainable location within Baghdad and concentrated lectures were provided to improve the awareness for school children on basic hygiene, handwashing practice and conduction of exposure visit to water treatment plant to stand on the process of water purification and its impact to their health. This event was celebrated by 40 school children and 10 teachers, with presence of the mayor of Baghdad and other municipal service providers.

31,066 children from 100 primary schools in all 14 Iraqi governorates were taught proper hygiene behavior and practiced handwashing with water and soap. Key messages were disseminated among those children including developed awareness magazines advocating those children on the importance of handwashing, water conservation, improve their awareness on direct linkage between these behaviors and mitigate illness, proper usage of water and sanitation facilities and cleaning their schools on regular basis. Drawing competitions were conducted among those children, debates and plays.

In conjunction with Directorate of Health and GIZ, a colorful celebration on the GHWD 2017 held in Domiz refugees camp 2 within Dohuk governorate in the Kurdish region of Iraq. 200 children, teachers and members of the refugee communities were participated in songs, delivered speeches, recited poems, demonstrated proper handwashing with soap and danced to the various tunes and themes of “Clean Hands, Healthier Life”.

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In addition, UN Iraq (UNAMI) Facebook pages has shared one of our videos, along with other active pages:

The materials were developed mainly in Arabic and Kurdish (Sorani and Bahdini).

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