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UNICEF celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Kiribati

Global Handwashing Day in Kiribati, Pacific, started October 12 with a road show, raising awareness around the importance of handwashing through drama performances about the critical times to handwashing, in different locations in South Tarawa. At each stop, soap bars were distributed with handwashing messages on the label.

On October 16, the roadshow concluded with the main Global Handwashing Day celebration at Bairiki Square, with the launch of a national handwashing policy, the announcement of the winner of the handwashing station design and performances. The handwashing policy has been submitted to the Ministry of Education to incorporate it in the WASH in Schools Policy, yet to be endorsed by cabinet. 

In outer islands, like Abaiang and Marakei, the Day was celebrated in schools by local partners and community leaders. During the entire month of October, the national radio broadcast daily messages around handwashing and WASH. 

Total direct reach through events about was about 20,000 and indirect reach through radio was approximately 100,000.

People trying the winning handwashing station at Bairiki Square, South Tarawa. Credit: Brigitte Sins | UNICEF

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