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UNICEF celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Timor-Leste

To celebrate 2017 Global Handwashing Day with a National Workshop at National Hospital Guido Valadares Dili, Timor Leste, with over 100 people participating. Also to celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2017 with National Campaign on Handwashing with soap through banners around Dili City and at in and out roads to the Municipalities of Timor Leste. Students and teachers of EBF Sarlala School, EBF Rialico School, EBC Maubisse Vila Central School, EBF Riamori School,  EBF Canorema School, and EBC Horai Quic Central School celebrated with the following activities: (1) knowledge competition on sanitation and hygiene through “kade kakutak” and (2) practicing group handwashing with soap before having lunch. More than 750 students were reached.

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