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UNICEF celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Uganda

A total of 4 primary schools participated in the event (Alolololo p/s, Omoro South P/s, Okokolako P/s and Angetta P/s). Each school performed a skit in relation to improved sanitation and hygiene and this was done by the WASH clubs of these schools. 1,000 people participated, with 200 pupils (50 from each school) present. The Rt. Hon Moses Ali was the chief guest. Hon. Sam Cheptoris Minister of Water and Environment, Area MPs for Omoro district, Hon. MPs for the Parliamentary WASH Forum, RDC, LCV chairperson and Eng. Eyatu Joseph among others were in attendance. In addition, exhibitions were held with partners, including Amref, Environment Alert, Straight Talk foundation, Plan Uganda. VHTs in Omoro DLG installed demos for tippy taps during the exhibition, demonstrating to the people how hand washing with soap should be done.

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