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UNICEF celebrates in Mongolia

In 2017, UNICEF Mongolia organized a month-long campaign to mark the joint anniversary of “Global Handwashing Day (October 15)” and “World Toilet Day (November 19)” in cooperation with the Education Department of Ulaanbaatar City, WASH Action of Mongolia NGO and MONOS cosmetic company with the theme of “Girl Friendly Sanitation Facilities in Schools”.

The purpose of the campaign was to promote active participation of schools in improving the school sanitation conditions more friendly for girls. In total, 48 schools had participated in this initiative and improved their sanitation facilities. A variety of promotional materials were developed and disseminated to over 10,000 students. By the end of the campaign, the organizing committee evaluated the result and identified best performing schools in order to showcase and act as a role model for other schools (Four top schools are as follows: School #44 of Bayanzurkh district, School #61 of Chingeltei district, Gun Galuutai “complex school of Baganuur district and “Badmaarag High School of Chingeltei district).

In addition, an “Open-Day” event was organized in one school and one kindergarten (School #85 and kindergarten #6) at the Global Handwashing Day in cooperation with the WASH Action of Mongolia NGO, school health club and school/kindergarten teachers for promoting the importance of hand-washing and improving sanitation facilities, where UNICEF provided improved WASH facilities. During the event, about 300 parents visited newly established WASH facilities in schools and kindergartens.

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