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VAREN celebrates Global Handwashing Day in Zambia

Vision Africa Regional Network (VAREN) celebrated Global Handwashing Day in collaboration with UNICEF this year by conduct focus groups discussions with pupils and teachers at schools and health staff and new mothers at health facilities to explain the importance of handwashing with soap starting from the 3rd to the 14th of October and conducted the following activities:

  • Explaining the seven steps during handwashing demonstrations at both in schools and health facilities specifically to maternal and child health department on 7-13 October,
  • Installing handwashing stations at schools and health facilities on 2-6 October,
  • Highlighting the importance of using Lifebuoy soap when washing hands at all critical times on 4-14 October,
  • Conducting drama performances to highlight the importance of washing hands with soap on 11-15 October,
  • Facilitating commitment pledge cards to schools to continue promoting and practicing handwashing with soap at all critical times on 6 October.

VARENS’s work was done in community and primary schools in Mewla and Chitamba village, and the rural health center of Buntungwa in Mabumba village in Mansa district, Luapula pronvince; at community and primary schools in Kapotwe and Serenje districts, Central province; and at the community school in Chinsali and Mpika districts, Muchinga province. Radio programs and live radio discussion with health experts created awareness on handwashing with soap messages, , which took place between October 4 and 15.

4,000 children across the six schools and 300 mothers were reached through celebration events and approximately 6,000 listeners through radio programs. In addition, seven cases of Lifebouy soap were distribution in the target community schools and health facility to promote hand washing with soap.

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