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We Choose Handwashing, We Choose Health!

Location: Tangalan, Philippines
Participants: 200
Organizer: Jawili Integrated School

We Choose Handwashing, We Choose Health!

It was raining hard but the weather was not able to dampen the jolly mood for the curious kids of Jawili Integrated School. In the evening of October 14, 2014, the Global Handwashing Day banner downloaded from the event’s official website was uploaded in the school’s Facebook Page. There was also a text brigade wherein they were asked to bring bath soap with them the next day.

The students and teachers gathered at the Jawili Covered Court and a short program was held. Terrence Nabayra, a grade 7 student led the prayer and Mrs. JeanT. Daroy conducted and led the singing of the national anthem and the Aklan Hymn. Then, the principal, Mr. Policarpio T. Tibar gave a short talk about the importance of handwashing with soap and water. He also discussed about the diseases that people prevent when they wash their hands whenever necessary. Keana B. Regalado, a grade 9 student demonstrated the correct process of handwashing.

Then, the students applied what they have learned about handwashing on the mass handwashing held at the school’s wash area. Students with clean hands gathered before the “Wash Wall” and together, pledged to wash their hands and educate other people about this habit’s importance. It goes, “I, (name), solemnly swear that I understand the importance of washing my hands with soap and water and that handwashing saves lives. Therefore, I promise to wash my hands whenever necessary and spread this lifesaving knowledge whenever I can.” After that, each of them took a hand cutout and signed it with their names, then posted the cutout on the “Wash Wall”. A poster-making contest and a poem-writing contest were also held.

The day enabled the students to take long leaps toward cleanliness and safety with their clean little hands.

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