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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Global Waters Knowledge Resource Site Launched

August 17, 2017

USAID’s Water Office CKM Team is introducing, a global knowledge resource for partners, USAID staff, and the broader water sector community. This site aims to connect people to the latest resources and ideas to help solve global water and sanitation challenges, as USAID and its partners work toward a healthier and more water secure future for all. Please check out the site and read the companion blog that provides an overview of the website’s features.

Feel free to suggest new material for the site such as stories, reports, videos, blogs, toolkits, events or webinars. The CKM team welcomes your feedback.

These links may be of particular interest for Global Handwashing Partnership audiences:

USAID is a Steering Committee member of the Global Handwashing Partnership; and the GHP encourages our members and partners to visit and contribute to the site.

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