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How to Get Involved This Global Handwashing Day

October 2, 2023

By: Aarin Palomares, Global Handwashing Partnership 

Every year on October 15, Global Handwashing Day serves as a platform to raise awareness and build commitment for hand hygiene. As 2030 moves closer, high-level discussions have urged accelerated action to meet global hygiene targets. The latest WHO/UNICEF JMP report suggests we must triple our efforts to meet the targets under SDG 6. This requires strong leadership and collective efforts to close gaps in access and practice to achieve universal hand hygiene.  

This year’s theme, “Clean hands are within reach,” highlights the need to keep the momentum going and emphasizes the need to ensure hand hygiene remains a mainstay in public health interventions. No matter your role, you can work to ensure clean hands are within reach for everyone, everywhere. 

Get involved with Global Handwashing Day 

Global Handwashing Day is our chance to make a big splash and move the dial on hand hygiene. Here is how you can get involved with Global Handwashing Day this year.  

Plan an event or campaign. It’s not too late to plan a Global Handwashing Day celebration. Use resources from our “Take Action” tab to plan an in-person or virtual celebration. Be sure to submit your Global Handwashing Day event outcomes here. 

Share your work online. Use our resources to connect with other Global Handwashing Day celebrants and share your commitment to ensuring clean hands are within reach. Visit our social media and community forum pages to share messages and read what others are doing. When sharing your work online, be sure to engage with us on Twitter (@HandwashingSoap) or Facebook (Global Handwashing Day). Use this year’s hashtags, #GlobalHandwashingDay and #CleanHandsareWithinReach, to keep up with the handwashing conversations around the world! 

Join us on Global Handwashing Day. Don’t have time to plan an event? Join ours! We are hosting a global, virtual event to share perspectives from global partners, country representatives, and other stakeholders to answer the question, “How can we ensure clean hands are within reach?” Register for the event here 

This Global Handwashing Day, let’s work together to ensure clean hands are within reach. For more information, visit 

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