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Introducing the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

April 13, 2020

By: Sian White, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

This article was originally posted on the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub. 

The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub resources are currently under development.  Our team of experts are working on a range of technical and practical briefs. When complete we will have a database of searchable, plain-language guidance for partners implementing hygiene programmes as a part of COVID-19 response.

Articles on the following topics will be developed and uploaded over the next week:

  • General hygiene programming advice for COVID-19 response
  • Hygiene behaviour during outbreaks
  • Handwashing promotion for COVID-19 response
  • COVID-19 and other Hygiene Behaviours
  • Masks and other measures to keep hygiene promoters safe during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Using different delivery channels for hygiene promotion for COVID-19
  • Information about the COVID-19

More details on what each of these sections will cover is provided below.

General hygiene programming advice for COVID-19 response

  • What key principles should we use to guide our coronavirus programming? 

Includes advice on Staying informed and responsive, involving others and staying connected, aligning work to the national response and assessing risk locally.

  • Adapting hygiene programmes to COVID-19 response

An overview of simple ways to adapt standard hygiene promotion measures to be relevant to COVID-19 and how to do so in a way that minimises risk to staff and communities.

  • Community engagement when in-person interactions are limited

An overview of why community engagement is critical in outbreaks and suggestions for how community engagement can be adapted and implemented during this time.

  • Making your COVID-19 response inclusive of gender, disability and vulnerable groups

A summary of inclusiveness principles, resources, and tools to ensure hygiene programming is inclusive.

  • Lists of resource links, courses and webinars in other languages

Lists of key resources and other information hubs that cater to a range of languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Hygiene behaviour during outbreaks

  • What happens to behaviour in an outbreak scenario?

Summary of some of the key ways that people’s hygiene behaviour may be affected by a global pandemic and advice for how this may affect programming.

  • What can we learn from previous outbreaks to inform  COVID-19 hygiene response?

A summary of key lessons from previous outbreaks and recent humanitarian responses to cholera or Ebola.

Handwashing Promotion for COVID-19 response

  • Practical actions to promote handwashing as part of COVID-19 response

Examples of five cost-effective and simple activities that can be implemented as part of the first phase response.

  • What do we know about improving handwashing behaviour?

Summarising evidence around what works to change handwashing behaviour including content on the effect of educational messages, handwashing infrastructure, cues, and delivery channels.

  • How should hands be washed to prevent COVID-19?

Summarising evidence about why handwashing is so effective at controlling COVID-19 and how to promote handwashing when soap and water are scarce.

  • Monitoring and evaluation for COVID-19 

Recommendations for how to measure assess the effectiveness of your programmes and hygiene behaviours when in-person interactions are limited.

COVID-19 and other Hygiene Behaviours

  • Can COVID-19 be Transmitted Faecal-Orally?

Answers to common questions about faecal-oral transmission of COVID-19, the science behind faecal-oral transmission and how it relates to COVID-19, and the implications for COVID-19 for sanitation and faecal sludge management.

  • Preventing COVID-19 Transmission via Surfaces 

Summarising evidence and recommendations about how the virus can transmit via surfaces and, implications for resource-scare settings, resources for promoting surface disinfection, and information on large-scale disinfection of households and communities..

  • Promoting Physical Distancing

An overview of why physical distancing is important and how to promote it through simple actions as part of hygiene programming.

Masks and other measures to keep hygiene promoters safe

  • Masks and COVID-19

An explanation of the conflicting evidence about mask wearing as a preventative measure for COVID-19 with a specific focus on hygiene promotion staff.

Using different delivery channels for hygiene promotion

  • Using mobile phone messaging during your COVID-19 response

A summary of tips for how to use phone-based messaging effectively and platforms that can support this currently.

  • Using radio during your COVID-19 response

Practical examples of how to use radio creatively to change behaviours.

  • IEC materials

Tips for developing context-adapted materials as well as links to available resources and others that can be customised.

Information about the COVID-19 

  • What is the difference between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2?

A brief review of technical terms related to COVID-19 and the virus that causes the disease

  • What makes COVID-19 unique?

A summary of the latest evidence about the epidemiology of COVID-19  with a focus on the characteristics that make COVID-19 unique.

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