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Lessons from 10 Years of Global Handwashing Day

October 1, 2018

Global Handwashing Day is just two weeks away, and  this October 15 will mark the 10th annual celebration of the Day. In preparation for this year’s Global Handwashing Day, the Global Handwashing Partnership conducted a review of the impact, opportunities, and limitations of the Day.

Through a survey, key information interviews, and document review, we captured ideas and experience from the Global Handwashing Day community. Planners shared successes in advocacy, awareness raising, and collaboration. They also shared some of the things that remain challenging about changing handwashing behavior, and some areas where Global Handwashing Day could increase its impact.

Based on this data, the Global Handwashing Partnership Secretariat and the Global Handwashing Day Task Force developed five key recommendations to improve the outcomes of Global Handwashing Day celebrations. The review, its findings, and the recommendations are available in a new brief,  Global Handwashing Day: Lessons for planners. Read the brief for ideas on how to get the most out of your Global Handwashing Day events and campaigns.

The Global Handwashing Partnership is grateful to all colleagues who participated in the survey and interviews. If you have  ideas for how to maximize the impact of Global Handwashing Day, please contact us.

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