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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Hygiene Events at AfricaSan 4

May 19, 2015

AfricaSan is May 25-27, and the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing will be hosting two events on hygiene and behavior change. Join us!

The PPPHW Handwashing Behavior Change Think Tank
Monday 25 May from 5:40-7:20 PM
Room C12

At this event we will bring together experts to present state of the art theory and practice around handwashing behavior change, discuss practical recommendations to enhance handwashing programs and policy, and identify new directions for handwashing behavior change research. There will also be the opportunity for you to input your experience and expertise, identifying key challenges on the ground to inform new global research directions needed to further improve handwashing behavior change.

Moving Hygiene Improvement to Scale
Wednesday 27 May from 9-10:30 AM
Room B05/06

What is the current state of hygiene globally? How can we scale up hygiene through program design, partnerships, integration, and policymaking? To answer these questions, we will examine how Unilever’s handwashing program is achieving scale; how a food hygiene intervention in Mali was scaled up to other countries; lessons from integrating handwashing into education/nutrition policy, and the opportunities presented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for helping move hygiene implementation to scale.


Handwashing will also be addressed at many other sessions at AfricaSan. Click below to see the handwashing sesssions you shouldn’t miss, or download the calendar here.

AfricaSan Hygiene Highlights


Many of the other sessions plan to address hygiene as part of a wider discussion about sanitation and hygiene. Check out the sessions being convened by our partners:


  • CLTS Learning and Sharing Workship (WSSCC), 9:30-5:30, King Fahd Palace Hotel
  • Sanitation and Hygiene for Women and Girls in Africa: Translating commitments into policy and practice (WSSCC, UN Women, the Government of Senegal), 3:30-5:30, UN Women Regional Office, Dakar


  • Community of Practice (CoP) for Sanitation and Hygiene: Looking back to look forward (WSSCC, Stewards on the Community of Practice on Sanitation and Hygiene), 7:45-9am, venue TBC
  • Sharing across the SANs: Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Latin and central America (WSSCC), 5:40-7:30, Room C


  • Tackling Sustainability of Sanitation Investments; Looking beyond technology and behavior (WaterAid and WSSCC), 11:20-1:00, Room B12
  • Ministerial Dialogue on CLTS: Strategies to accelerate sustainable practices for the SDGs (CLTS Foundation in partnership with UNICEF and WSSCC), 11:20-1:30, Room C05/C06
  • Financing sanitation: a local government perspective (WSUP, IRC, USAID, WSSCC), 2-3:30, Room C106
  • Sanitation and Hygiene for Women and Girls in Africa (WSSCC, UN Women, Government of Senegal), 2-3:30, Room C12
  • Policy to successful implementation: drivers for action (GIZ, USAID, UNHABITAT/WHO), 4-5:30, Room Ampitheatre
  • Influencing decision makers – finance, equity, institutional leadership (IRC, Gates Foundation, WSSCC, WSUP), 4-5:30, Room C106
  • CSOs and Sanitation: How Far and How Much More? (CONIWAS, WaterAid, WSSCC, EWP), 4-5:30, Room B12
  • Sanitation as a movement – showcasing experiences of GSF programmes  in Benin, Madagascar and Togo (Global Sanitation Fund/ WSSCC), 5:40-7:10, Room BC12
  • WASHBAT – Experience with Sanitation Bottleneck Analysis (UNICEF),5:40-7:10, Room B12


  • Scaling up Elimination of Open Defecation Programs with Quality (UNICEF), 9-10:30, Room B12
  • Tackling urban sanitation city-wide (USAID), (-10:30, Room C05/C06
  • Sanitation supply chains in Sub-Saharan Africa (UNICEF), 11-12:30, Room B12
  • Governance, accountability and tacking corruption (WSP at the World Bank), 11-12:30, Room C12
  • Strengthening Learning in Africa: AMCOW-IRC MoU and coordinated learning for sustainable WASH services (AMCOW  IRC, UNICEF WCARO, WSSCC), 12:40-1:50, Room B12

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