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“Dirty Hands Can Be Scary!” poster campaign by St. Louis County Department of Public Health

Published: December 30, 2016  /  Published by St. Louis County Department of Public Health

This resource provides links to the St. Louis County Department of Public Health handwashing campaign materials.

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health worked diligently for six months to create an effective handwashing campaign for distribution to their community. Since the campaign began in October, they have been promoting these efforts on a national, and even international level, to encourage others to help in preventing the disease spread.

As seasonal influenza and other
communicable illnesses each year have a big impact in a community, a poster campaign was designed by county department officials to appeal to both children and gain public interest, particularly at transportation hubs, such as bus and train stations and airports. The posters (an example is pictured to the right) are available for download.

The website is a one-stop resource for parents, travelers, doctors’ offices, businesses, and schools to reference how to properly wash hands, the importance of handwashing, and details on illnesses that can be prevented through proper hand hygiene. The website allows other health departments and health facilities to download and use the images for promotional purposes. These resources have currently been viewed by practitioners in 24 states and in over 20 different countries.



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