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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Online Module: More than Soap and Water- Taking Handwashing with Soap to Scale

Published: October 23, 2018  /  Published by UNICEF & Global Handwashing Partnership

The UNICEF Handwashing Module outlines how handwashing behavior can be changed on a large or national scale by providing lessons from industrial marketing and public health approaches and thinking.

The module is based on the collective experiences of the GHP, the Global Scaling Up Handwashing Behavior Change Project, Project Champion, and others.

This guide is intended for UNICEF staff; however, global development organizations, decision makers in government ministries, and funding agencies will also find guidance in this module for designing policies and programs to improve public health through the promotion of handwashing behavior change.

Course outcomes
  • Understand the public health benefits of handwashing with soap
  • Understand and appreciate both the rationale and nature of the shift in approach to handwashing behavior change that has taken place in the past decade
  • Be familiar with the underlying principles and key components of new approaches, including those that are large scale, have a single-behavior focus, are consumer focused, and so on.
  • Understand the first steps towards design and implementation of a handwashing with soap program, including formative research, strategy development, and preparation of communication messages and materials
  • Be acquainted with monitoring indicators and methods for handwashing programs
  • Be familiar with best practice examples from the implementation of various components of handwashing programs in different countries and contexts
  • Understand how partnerships may add to the sustainability of handwashing programs
  • Appreciate the links between handwashing and sanitation programs
  • Know where to get more information or help developing a program
 This module covers:
  • Handwashing and public health
  • Handwashing and sanitation
  • Approaches to handwashing promotion
  • Handwashing program development exercise
  • Taking handwashing to scale: key elements
Download module

Click here to download the module slides. Click here to download the training companion document.

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