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Soap Making in Uganda and Haiti

October 12, 2021

By: Sarah Cooke, Soapbox Impact Manager

Soapbox is thrilled to be partnering with Surge for Water to help create opportunities for soap education throughout Haiti and Uganda. Surge is known for ensuring sustainable solutions with each community’s individual needs in mind. Recently, with help from Soapbox, Surge hired and trained soap ambassadors in Uganda and Haiti. Each soap ambassador  provided soap making classes that promoted good hygiene and handwashing. In the last two months, these ambassadors trained almost 500 people on how they can make and distribute soap throughout their community.

In Uganda, the soap ambassadors have taught 45 classes and educated 450 people. The photos below showcase the town council from the district of Kaberamaido in Uganda as well as staff from the Kaberamaido hospital where some of the lessons were taught.

In addition, the soap ambassador taught multiple police precincts to make soap in Obulubulu, Ochero, and Okapel. All of this, along with many other classes taught throughout the country, resulted in over 1,056 gallons of soap being made and distributed.

In Haiti, the soap ambassador taught 2 classes, educated 43 people, and produced 215 gallons of soap so far. These programs have been customized for each country according to their individual needs.

Access to soap like this is life-saving to all communities, especially during the pandemic. Not only will this help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases, but it will also continue to encourage hygiene education and sustainability for livelihood for all. Surge for Water, in partnership with Soapbox, has been able to produce 644 gallons (and counting) of soap for emergency relief in Haiti to be distributed in the areas which have become cut off and destroyed due to the recent Earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace. The soap has been delivered to health centers, hospitals, a children’s center, and other locations throughout the south.

We are incredibly proud of the work that Surge is doing for communities in need and grateful for such an impactful partnership. We look forward to seeing soap education outreach continuously grow and change lives globally!

All photos were taken and provided by Surge for Water. To learn more about Surge for Water, please visit

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