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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Water Mission Accessible Handwashing Station

This handwashing station was specifically built to serve individuals who utilize wheelchairs. Many handwashing stations may meet basic standards for wheelchair accessibility, but wheelchair accessible handwashing stations should be specifically designed for those with mobility limitations to use safely and with dignity. Please note that foot pedals are not recommended for wheelchair accessible handwashing stations. The access path should be free of obstacles. The basin, tap valve, and soap should all be easily accessed and not exceed a height of 850 mm from the ground. Note that handwashing stations can also be made accessible to children by designing to similar, child-specific guidelines (700 mm max height of basin, tap valve, and soap). Note that accessible handwashing stations can be used at a community or household level, which will ultimately impact the standards that apply to the handwashing station.
Product type
  • Locally produced design (decentralized-local)
  • Households
  • Institutions
  • Mobile
  • Children
  • People with disabilities
Water connection
  • Connected to pipe water network
  • Hand operated
Price range
  • Between $50-150


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