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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Step four: Monitoring & Evaluation

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We can all be more successful if we assess the effectiveness of activities through monitoring, evaluation, and sharing of results. Monitoring and evaluation will help you understand the impact of your activities and know what is successful and what can be adjusted for future projects.

Evaluating, reacting to evaluation findings, and disseminating evaluation findings from individual programs are all critical to improving handwashing promotion programs at scale worldwide. Tools for monitoring and evaluating programs may be found on our Resources Hub.

To view our summary and recommendations of the steps for promoting handwashing behavior change, return to the main Promote page.

How-to implement a handwashing promotion project

Step 3: Habit formation

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How-to implement a handwashing promotion project

Step 1: Pave the way

Begin your handwashing promotion project by setting the right groundwork for success. Read more >


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