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Submit a Handwashing Station

In this section, please provide basic details of the handwashing station design to be included on the database. Your responses should correlate with filters included on the database.

Handwashing Station Design Basics

If there is no specific title for your handwashing station, please specify kind of outlet/tap, setting of handwashing station use, average price for handwashing station and country for standardization. (Ex. Hand operated handwashing station for households less than 10USD, India.)
Commercial products are purpose built products, which are mass manufactured. Commercial products may be protected by a patent or trademark, and may not be easy to modify. Locally produced designs are devices built from materials available on the local market. They may be easily replicated and adapted to local context and availability of materials.
Handwashing devices can use water coming directly from an existing piped water network. In this instance, the piped water network was in place before the installation of the handwashing device and supplies water to several outlets, not just the handwashing station. Where there is no piped water network, the handwashing device can include its own water storage. In this instance, it is understood that the water storage is for the sole use of the handwashing device. Capacity can vary from as little as 1L to as much as 5,000L or more.
Permanent devices are built to remain for an extended period of time (at least 5 years) at the same location. A typical permanent device would be sink and washbasin set into concrete/brick wall. Mobile devices can be moved. A typical mobile device can be moved between locations and reused. For example, after upgrading their bathing/toilet space, a household may wish to move their handwashing device inside the bathing/toilet space rather than staying outside. Mobility must not be confused with lifespan.
Typical settings or use cases will influence the handwashing station’s characteristics, i.e. number of users, water source, etc.
This can be the country where the design was developed for local builds, or the country where the product is manufactured.
Indicate whether the handwashing station is accessible by children and/or users with disabilities under the following categories.
Include 2-3 sentences highlighting the most important characteristics and context of the handwashing station. Please avoid repeating information already captured above.
Please follow the basic image guidelines below. Images (including photos and drawings) should be in color and submitted in an electronic format. 1. The entire handwashing station should be visible. 2. The image should be clear and centered around the handwashing station. 3. The minimal recommended size is approx. 14X21 cm (approx. size 2MB). 4. Originals are always preferred (if possible). If not, scanned images (from brochures, etc.) can be acceptable if they are sharp enough. 5. Avoid having recognizable people in the picture; otherwise please attach the signed written permission for everyone on the picture. 6. For commercial products, please attach the manufacturer’s written permission to publish their product’s picture. In addition, please upload any relevant information that would benefit others. This could be detailed technical drawings, evaluation reports, brochures, users' feedback, etc.
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