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The Handwashing Handbook is now available in six languages

October 10, 2022

By: Aarin Palomares, Global Handwashing Partnership

Nearly two years ago, the Global Handwashing Partnership launched the Handwashing Handbook. The handbook serves as a comprehensive resource for hand hygiene programming in a variety of contexts. It guides users through the case for hand hygiene, how to design and implement hand hygiene behavior change programs, how to integrate hand hygiene into other related programs, and how to address hand hygiene at a systems level. 

The Handwashing Handbook represents a collection of experiences, best practices, and new concepts to improve the uptake of handwashing and for two years, it has only been available in one language – English. We’re excited to announce the Handwashing Handbook is now available in six key languages. Along with English, the Handbook is now available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, ensuring more people have access to the critical content the handbook provides. 

Check out the Handwashing Handbook here

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