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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Upcoming webinar: “Clean Hands Prevent Cold and Flu–What you need to know to protect yourself through good hygiene!”

January 23, 2017

Did you know there is no inoculation to prevent you from the common cold? While the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of infection by 60%, they are just one step you can take to stay healthy. Cold and flu infections result in over 160 million missed schooldays and $16.3 billion of earnings lost each year, but they can be prevented through good hygiene practices, such as handwashing with soap.

clean-hands-prevent-cold-flu-webinar-flyer1To learn about how handwashing with soap can prevent these two infections, join the Global Handwashing Partnership for a webinar on February 7 at 11 am EST.

In addition to answering your questions, experts will discuss:

  • How handwashing with soap and vaccines together can increase protection
  • How poor hand hygiene can have consequences for education and economy
  • How federal agencies, local governments, and NGOs are innovating to combat these two illnesses
  • Vince Hill, Branch Chief for the Waterborne Disease Prevention at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Martha Chapin, Associate Director of Education & Web Services for the American Cleaning Institute
  • Kyle Foerst, Emergency Response Planner with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health

Register today!

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