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#WaterIs Health: Celebrate World Water Day on March 22

March 19, 2015

If you think about it, water links to almost everything in the world.

Health. Nature. Urbanization. Industry. Energy. Food. Equality.

Don’t believe us?

Well, challenge yourself to come up with something completely non-water related.

Try a soccer ball. No water?

Sorry. The material used for the manufacturing requires water. You could actually say that water is football. Especially when you think about how thirsty the players get, how much water a natural field needs or how much went into the players’ clothes.

So, can we agree that water links to many many things in the world?

Good. Because this is where you come in.

This year, we need you, more than ever, to celebrate water. And we need you to make others think about what water means to them.

It’s really easy.

In the weeks leading up to World Water Day and in the months that follow, UN-Water and the PPPHW would like you – and the rest of the world – to take a piece of paper and write what water is to you.

Then, take a selfie or a make a video, tag it with the hashtag #WaterIs and upload it via Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram.

To give you an example: You could take a selfie or a photo with your football team, showing off your latest tricks with #WaterIs Football sheets of paper pinned to your Tshirts. Or you round up your classmates and have everyone shout “WaterIs Schools” in a video.

Doesn’t sound easy? Well, you could also just simply stand just as you are and say “#WaterIs Me.“

Want to be sure we see your photo or video? Send it to

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