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Midwives are paving the way for better hand hygiene in Lagos, Nigeria

COVID-19 is a reminder of the critical role of hand hygiene in preventing diseases and improving health outcomes. As the first hands to touch a newborn baby, midwives protect the lives of mothers, their children, and their communities. In Lagos, Nigeria, a team of midwives […]

COVID-19 Handwashing with Soap Facilities: Compendium of Indicative Layouts, Designs and Cost Estimates

This compendium developed by UNICEF provides details of different handwashing station designs and estimated cost. Find the compendium here.

Key Recommendations on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Measures in Healthcare Facilities

Existing recommendations on water, sanitation and hygiene measures in healthcare facilities are important to provide adequate patient care and protect both patients and staff. This guidance document by PAHO provides key recommendations and messages for WASH in healthcare facilities for COVID-19 and beyond.


CAWST Guide: How to build a foot-pump handwashing station

This guide by CAWST provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a foot-pump handwashing station.


CAWST Soap Making Fact Sheet

This fact sheet developed by CAWST describes the history of soap, how it’s made, and the two processes for making soap. This fact sheet is available in English, Spanish, and French.


WHO Guide to Alcohol-Based Handrub Production

This guide summarizes essential background information from the WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care and provides practical information on the local production of alcohol-based handrub.


Somalia National Contingency Plan for Preparedness and Response to Covid-19

This contingency plan developed by the Federal Ministry of Health and its support partners is based on findings of a risk assessment and WHO advice.


Note d`orientation stratégique pour la réponse WASH au Covid19 – Cluster EHA RDC

L’objectif du présent document est de fournir des orientations claires et concrètes qui permettront aux acteurs du cluster WASH de la conduite à tenir pour une intervention WASH efficace face à l’épidémie de COVID 19 en RDC.


Note d’orientation sur le Covid19 – Cluster EHA RCA – Avril 2020

Cette note d’orientation stratégique dynamique est élaborée afin d’accompagner les acteurs dans la réponse sectorielle WASH face au COVID-19. Elle met en exergue les principales activités à mettre en œuvre dans le cadre d’une réponse cohérente et coordonnée avec les autres parties.


WASH in HCF Response to COVID-19 Assessment Tool

This worksheet developed by Food for the Hungry and Engineers Without Borders USA serves as a rapid assessment of healthcare facilities to determine capacity to respond to a surge in COVID-19 cases. The tool covers four broad areas considered critical to COVID-19 response, including: Health, […]


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