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Global Handwashing Day 2015: Who is celebrating where?

October 8, 2015

Over the next month we will catalog upcoming Global Handwashing Day celebrations. Want us to list yours? Email!


Organizers: Hospital de Niños de La Plata with Aguas Bonaerenses S.A
When: Thursday, October 15 from 10-13
Where: Parque Saavedra, La Plata City, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
What: The Children’s Hospital Foundation invites you to participate in an educational and recreational journey that will take place on Thursday, October 15 with the celebration of Global Handwashing Day. The activity will be held in the Saavedra Park, opposite the Children’s Hospital in the vicinity of the Library. Unilever has donated Lifebuoy soap, which will be distributed at the event. Check out their brochure here.

Organizers: Easy Clean International de Argentina SA
Where: Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
What: Educational sessions, including a presentation and video activity, will be presented in kindergartens in Lincoln.

Organizer: Lifebuoy (Unilever)
When: October 8th and October 14th
Where: Municipality of Florencio Varela, Municipality of Avellaneda
What: Lifebuoy organized a training course for teachers of the municipalities of Avellaneda and Florencio Varela to raise awareness of the importance of handwashing with soap. It´s a “Train the trainers” course with the final goal of reaching both kids and families with messages about good hygiene.


Organizers: DPHE, ACI, BRAC, DAM, DORP, DSK, ICCO Corp, Max Foundation, Muslim Aid, NGO-Forum, OXFAM, Plan, Practical Action, SAFE, Terre des Hommes, UNICEF, UST, WaterAID, WASH Alliance, WSUP and VERC
What: A rally from the National Press Club and other Global Handwashing Day celebrations.

Organizers: RDRS Bangladesh with KiK Textilien & Non-Food GmbH
When: October 14-15
Where: Dimla sub-district under Nilphamari district
What: Students, community leaders, and mothers plan to join in the event. Posters, handwashing devices, and soap will be provided in schools to encourage children to wash their hands year round.


Organizer: Protos
When: Thursday, October 15 from 11-2
Where: Groentenmarkt, Ghent
What: The NGO Protos will sensitize people about WASH challenges in developing countries by inviting the public to symbolically wash their hands under a tippy-tap. If you are in the neighbourhood of Groentenmarkt in Ghent, don’t hesitate to stop by and have a chat! Learn more here.


Organizers: Ministry of Water and Environment, UNICEF, Save the Children, Ecojovenes, and other Global Handwashing Day working group members
When: Sunday, October 18
What: In addition to school outreach and mass media efforts, Bolivia will celebrate Global Handwashing Day with an event at a popular Sunday Fair. The event will include recreational activities and educational demonstrations geared toward children and families.


Organizer: Anembom Consulting
What: This awareness creating event will target 30 primary school pupils and 10 municipal council offices. In these institutions, pupils, staff and visitors will practice handwashing with soap throughout the day. Outreach and hygiene promotion will also occur through talks given on 5 radio stations, at 15 churches, and one newspaper.


Organizer: Clinica Medilaser
When: October 15
What: Celebrations of Global Handwashing Day, with announcements of awards and scores of the 5-month handwashing campaign.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Organizer: Lutte Nationale Contre la Pauvreté

Organizer: UNICEF
When: October 1 to November 30
What: This year in the DRC, under the national Healthy Villages and Schools program, UNICEF is supporting awareness campaigns from October 1 to November 30, 2015 to cover Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day. Radio announcements on community and commercial radio stations on handwashing and the importance of using hygienic latrines along with household visits, articles by children reporters and handwashing demonstration sessions have been organized. A national drawing competition on handwashing in schools will take place as well. Learn more here.

Organizer: Programme d’Appui aux Structures de Santé (PASS)
When: October 15
Where: Centre de Santé Intégré de Loandjili, à Pointe Noire au Congo Brazzaville

Fiji Islands

Organizers: Ministry of Health, UNICEF, Colgate Palmolive, SPC, Live & Learn, Ministry of Education, Water Authority, Asaleocare
When: October 15
What: The school participation has increased since 2010 to over 45,000 participants that are registered for Global Handwashing Day 2015.


Organizer: Catholic Relief Service Ghana
Where: Tamale
What: CRS Ghana will join other participants to mark Global Handwashing Day in Tamale in Northern Ghana with a sharing of solidarity messages, a float on principal streets, and handwashing demonstrations at designated lorry parks. Catholic Relief Services will also host dramas and handwashing demonstrations in schools in 6 districts in northern Ghana.

Organizer: Chicktime Africa Limited
There will be a seminar on handwashing, a spelling competition, and award at the event.

Organizer: Children Are Reason Enough (C.A.R.E)
Where: Accra
What: The event will involve children in schools, hospitals, communities as well as children on the streets of Accra, the capital of Ghana, to teach everyone how to properly wash the hands by making it fun and memorable to enable the children always want to wash their hands. C.A.R.E. will also provide children with a personal hygiene toolkit, including personal storage for a lunch kit, napkin, soapy solution in a bottle and clean water to make them have the handwashing kit handy to enable them wash their hands frequently.

Organizer: Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI)
When: October 14-15
What: GHEI is planning a two-day celebration of GHD with an one-hour show on the local radio station featuring two junior high students and two local staff members, who will perform a culturally-relevant skit. On October 15, activities at the visits to 8 schools will include: recognizing the students at the schools that actively promote hand washing with GHEI; a sing-a-long of the hand washing song in English and Twi; having students demonstrate proper handwashing practices; presenting hand washing with soap promotional posters; and presenting a certificate to the school that has most often provided access to running water and soap for their students over the past year.

Organizer: Help a Child

Organizer: Rotaract Club of Accra Ring Road Central
When: Saturday, October 17
Where: Kanda Schools, Accra
What: The Rotaract Club plans on visiting the Kanda Cluster of schools to clean up the school compound, teach students how to properly wash their hands as well as other personal hygiene skills, and have lots of fun!


Organizer: University de San Carlos de Guatemala
Where: Hospital General San Juan de Dios, Guatemala City
What: Organized by the senior class of chemical biologists at USAC, the main goal is to educate doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel about the importance of washing hands in the environment in which they work.


Organizer: Apollo Specialty Hospital
What: The Infection Control Department will host a poster competition, quiz competition, and hand hygiene campaign.

Organizer: The Arc Foundation
When: October 15, 10am to 1pm
What: Children in 10 schools from grades 1 through 6 will be learning the WASH initiative action song and go through special handwashing training with volunteers. Celebrations will also take place at a tribal school, with the creation of a temporary handwashing facility with the use of bottles, bamboo rods, and twines. A long-term handwashing facility will be built in the near future. Check out their Facebook page here.

Organizer: Centre for World Solidarity

Organizer: Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Centre
When: October 15
Where: Trichy District
What: Health education program on “Handwashing and Personal Hygiene” in four rural middle schools.

Organizer: CLPOA
Where: Avani Mall Howrah
What: The program includes a puppet show, skit, quiz, and the steps of proper handwashing.

Organizer: Department of Community Medicine, GMERS Medical College
What: Under the urban health training centre and rural health training centre, the department is planning on visiting schools to show them videos of how to wash hand properly followed by a demonstration of handwashing by the students.

Organizer: Hind Institute of Medical Sciences

Organizer: IICPT
What: The NSS unit of IICPT is planning to create awareness through lectures, demonstration, and distribution of pamphlets among school children emphasizing the importance of handwashing.

Organizer: Kainat Foundation
Where: Kainat International School
What: Lecture on awareness of handwashing

Organizer: Renaissance School – Bulandshahr
When: October 15
What: The Renaissance School is celebrating Global Handwashing Day by emphasizing the issue during its morning assembly, having students demonstrate the right way of washing hands with soap, and distributing a pamphlet describing the importance of washing hands with soap along with pieces of soap to students.


Organizer: Dompet Dhuafa
When: Oct 18, Oct 19-31, Nov 1-12, Nov 15 2015
Where: South Sumatera
Events will include a Health Seminar, a handwashing roadshow, and school-based handwashing celebration.


Organizer: Grassroots Water Limited
When: October 15
Where: Ogongo Primary School, Kisumu
What: A handwashing activity will be held to encourage over 500 students to wash their hands.

Organizer: Kimmies Non-toxic Enterprises
What: The company plans to celebrate Global Handwashing Day with primary school children in Machakos County, Kenya through partnering with other stake holders to ensure the proper sanitation infrastructure and creation of awareness to ensure positive and sustainable behavioral change.

Organizers: Practical Action East Africa in partnership with the Nairobi County; Government of Kenya Ministry of Health, and other WASH stakeholders in Nairobi.
When: October 15
Where: Nairobi
What: A ‘hygiene’ caravan will be traversing Kawangware & Mukuru, two informal settlements in Nairobi, and sharing messages on hygiene promotion, as well as the importance of hygiene for development, especially among vulnerable communities that bear a disproportionate burden of disease and expenditure.

Organizers: Practical Action East Africa in partnership with the County Government of Nakuru, WSUP, Sanivation, Umande Trust, Kenya Primary School Head Teachers Association, Childcare Worldwide, NHWC Kenya, Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, Nairobi Women Hospital, NAWASSCO, and Kenya Methodist University, and other WASH stakeholders in Nakuru.
When: October 15
Where: Nakuru
What: A march in Nakuru County culminating in a handwashing event; messages on hygiene promotion, as well as the importance of hygiene for development, especially among vulnerable communities that bear a disproportionate burden of disease and expenditure.


Organizers: United Youth for Peace, Education, Transparency & Development in Liberia in collaboration with the Youth & Disabilities WASH Network
Where: Lofa and Montserrado Counties
What: Key activities include community mobilization meetings, petition presentation to government officials, continue call for policy implementation with focus on the Liberia WASH Compact, distribution of hygiene materials and radio talk shows.


Organizer: Console Mission
Where: Sadobato and Krishna Galli near Patan College, Lalitpur district
What: Visiting 4 places, including 2 UN Heritage sites that was devastate by earthquake. The main activities include handwashing demonstrations, poster distributions, and a survey related to the importance of handwashing.

Organizer: GUTHI
When: October 12 and October 15
What: GUTHI is organizing handwashing campaigns at different government public schools of Kathmandu, with the aim of making them aware about their “life jacket,” handwashing. Along with training, there will be an art and essay competition on Global Handwashing Day at Narayan Jan Lower Secondary School, Machhegaon and Viswa Niketan Higher School, Tripureshwor.


Organizer: Institute of Public Health
When: October 15, 11am – 1pm
Where: Lecture Theatre A, College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
What: The Institute of Public Health, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife invites primary school students to an essay competition for the celebration of the 2015 Global Handwashing Day. Liquid hand wash will be distributed to the schools to foster the need for constant hand washing as a prevention against the spread of diseases. Check out the Institute of Public Health’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Organizer: Keep Our Schools Safe and Healthy (KOSSHE)
Where: Lagos and Ogun State
When: October 14 to November 30
What: Apart from school health visits to the primary schools, health and hygiene awareness programs, media awareness campaigns, advocacy activities and charitable donations in primary schools will be a major part of the activities starting from Wednesday, October 14, 2015 until the end of November 2015. The KOSSHE Initiative hopes to motivate 50 volunteer members to drive the project to impact on at least 3,000 pupils 10 schools across 2 states in Nigeria over the period of 45 days. Check out their Facebook page here.


Organizer: Al Mustafa Development Network
What: Activities include walks on Global Handwashing Day at 5 different districts of Pakistan, reaching approximately 600 to 800 kids, increasing awareness about hygiene, raising hands for hygiene, and other handwashing activities.

Organizer: Association for Gender Awareness & Human Empowerment (AGAHE)
When: October 15
Where: Muzaffargarh district
What: Global Handwashing Day will be celebrated with children and adolescent girls  to raise their level of awareness on handwashing resulting in change in behaviors and practices of handwashing at critical times. There will be series of activities including a puppet show, speech competition, drawing competition, stalls, a demonstrative handwashing corner, and the creation of a fact sheet. Check out their Facebook page here.

Organizer: Khushhal Khirthar Foundation (K.K.F.)
When: October 15, starting at 9
Where: Taluka Qubo Saeed Khan District Kamber-Shahdadkot in three UCs Qubo Saeed Khan, Hazar Wah and Bago Daro.
What: Public health experts are invited to give presentations and participate in panel discussions during the program. The training program focuses on hygiene, sanitation, and handwashing with soap standards along with field visits and experience sharing trip to local villages. The program will end with GHD Leaflets given to participants.

Organizer: OMEP Pakistan

Organizer: Peace and Development Organization
What: Children and communities will be encouraged to participate in role plays, and speech and quiz competitions. Hygiene Promoters will conduct awareness sessions to spread the importance of clean hands and demonstrate handwashing to promote good hygiene practices. Check out their Facebook page here.

Organizer: Society for Empowering Human Resources (SEHER)
What: The event involving school children and their teachers includes the presentation of a drama on the importance of handwashing. It will be followed with children’s speeches and demonstration of handwashing by children and their teachers.

Organizer: UNICEF


Organizer: UNICEF
What: The Minister of Health and Education sign an agreement to increase the number of schools participating in the Handwashing Program in Panama. Schools throughout Panama are participating in Global Handwashing Day and will receive more information regarding handwashing during the rest of the year.


Organizer: Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation – Legazpi City
When: October 15
Where: Almisog Integrated School, Sto. Domingo, Albay
What: Mariners’ Science Club and RCYC volunteers teaches elementary and high school youth the importance of handwashing. The program explain the objectives of the various activities and teach the 500 participants on how to properly wash their hands by giving them instructions and handwashing kits. WE SERVE is also providing participants with resources from the PPPHW website.

Organizer: San Beda College Alabang
What: Handwashing will be promoted to the entire school community through health teaching and soap box design contest with the theme “Raise a Hand for Hygiene.”

Organizer: St. Anthony’s College
WhatElementary and high school students will participate in the activities.

Puerto Rico

Organizer: University of Puerto Rico
What: Poster distribution

Saudi Arabia

Organizer: Infection Control Department, Immam Abdullrhman Al-Faisal Hospital
Where: Immam Abdullrhman Al-Faisal Hospital
What: The hospital is celebrating the hand hygiene day for the first time with a lecture presented by Mr. Anees along with a small exhibition sponsored by the hospital director.


Organizer: Health and Nutrition Developments Society

Organizer: Livelihood Relief & Development Organization (LRDO)

Sierra Leone

Organizer: WASH-Net Sierra Leone
What: The event will seek to explore creative opportunities for sensitizing citizens on the relevance of handwashing and more particularly as Sierra Leone currently grapples with the fight against Ebola.

South Africa

Organizer: Practical Action, Bindura Municipality, Ministry of Education
When: October 22 & 23
Where:  Bindura
What: A mass handwashing commemoration will take place in 11 schools in Bindura on the 22ndof October 2015 between 10am to 11am. The event is being organised by Practical Action and Bindura Municipality and Ministry of Education. Global Handwashing will also be commemorated with community health clubs will be held at Tendai Hall in Bindura; amongst the activities lined up are songs, dramas, poetry and dance illustrating the importance of handwashing with soap on the 23rd of October 2015.

South Sudan

Organizer: OXFAM
What: Events will be organized throughout South Sudan in schools and with different communities. Its estimated that 3,500 children will participate in total. Events will include drama performances, competitions, songs in local language, awareness walk, handwashing and more.


Organizer: University of Swaziland
Where: Mangwanani, Mbabane
Global Handwashing Day will be celebrated with an event held at the Children’s Care Point Center, with the launching of a “press tap” as a new handwashing facility.


Organizer: Cocuklar Hepimizin Egitim ve Ogretimi Destekleme Dernegi
What: This event is sponsored by a Turkish soap company, Evyap, who is providing soap to be given to the students in Iznik. During the event a doctor is going to give a lecture on health and hand washing to students. Check out their Facebook event here.

Organizer: Izmir University of Economics
When: October 15
What: The lecturers and students of Food Hygiene and Sanitation course in Izmir University of Economics will be raising a hand for hygiene and celebrating this day for the first time in Izmir. Attention will be drawn to a joint venture with the Department of Culinary Arts and Management and the Department of Food Engineering. Students are competing in a poster contest with the 3 top-rated posters exhibited on the walls of the school.

Organizer: Liv Hospital Ankara
Where: Ankara Özel Tevfik Fikret Okulları
What: Two nurses will talk with the children about the importance of handwashing and demonstrate how to wash their hands. The teachers, nurses, and children will visit the lavatories and wash their hands before having lunch.

Organizer: Nimbus Sabun
What: Natural soap will be provided to 4 kindergartens and one company to educate on the importance of handwashing with soap.


Organizer: JJ School Scouts Patrol
What: The event will train students in ideal handwashing techniques and appoint handwashing ambassadors.

United Kingdom

Organizer: carishea
What: carishea is running a “pay-it-forward” event, in which people are encouraged to purchase a bar of soap from for £3.00 instead of the usual £5.00. The purchased bars of soap will be donated to a local food bank in Inverclyde, Scotland.

Organizers: WaterAid, LSHTM and SHARE
When: October 14, from 5:30 – 8:30pm
Where: John Snow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
What: WaterAid, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the SHARE Consortium would like to use Global Handwashing Day 2015 as an opportunity to conduct a round table discussion. The purpose of this discussion is to identify common actions for government, researchers, practitioners, private sector actors and donors on addressing the need for improving handwashing with soap, linking to those questions. Register to attend this event here.

United States of America

Organizer: Center for Global Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
When: October 15, events from 10-1
What: Join the Center for Global Safe WASH to increase awareness and understanding about handwashing with soap to prevent disease and save lives! Special events include testing  handwashing acumen with a microbiological “palm-reading” followed by a lecture by Dr. Amy Kirby on “Norovirus and Handwashing.”

Organizer: Jefferson County Public Schools
What: The anatomy class is holding a poster contest to share handwashing facts and techniques throughout the school. The posters will be judged on October 15, and the winning submission will be hung around the school.

Organizer: Pepperidge Farm
What: In honor of Global Handwashing Day, Pepperidge Farm has surveyed all employees on why handwashing was important to them. On Global Handwashing Day, every employee will receive a t-shirt with the top 5 reasons they told us they washed their hands. Additionally, they will be signing a commitment on a 16 ft poster that states “I have a Clean Hand in Food Safety.”

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