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SNV celebrates in 4 districts in Zambia

In Zambia, Kasama, Luwingu, Mporokoso and Mungwi district had a couple of activities, SNV facilitated a hand washing campaign for a period of a month targeting four districts. The name of the campaign was “Ukusambakuminwe e life ni mfwaya” meaning, Hand washing with soap is the life I treasure most. Community hygiene promoters received a focused training on handwashing with soap, targets were identified, action plans were made and interpersonal and small group discussion on the importance of handwashing with soap were conducted. The campaign included demonstration of how to construct a tip taps. Two chiefdoms; Chief chabula and chieftainess chuungu were verified, certified and declared Open defection free areas. The ODF celebrations were done on 19th November, 2016 on world toilet Day. Over 450, 000 people were reached with hand washing massages.

Kasama district held a colourful event under theme theme called “Make hand washing with soap a habit”. The commemoration was done in chief Nkole ‘s chiefdom about 60 kilometres away from Kasama town. The event attracted over 3500 community members. The event was coupled with conceptualized massages through  drama performances, traditional songs, Speeches, and poems emphasizing on the need and importance of hand washing with soap. 10 Tip taps were constructed, the guest of honour lead the team to handwashing stations and all interested community members had an opportunity to wash their hands with soap. All the stakeholders; SNV, SUN, World vision, Kasama local authority and other line ministries were in attendance.

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