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The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing

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SNV celebrates in 4 districts in Zambia

February 24, 2017

In Zambia, Kasama, Luwingu, Mporokoso and Mungwi district had a couple of activities, SNV facilitated a hand washing campaign for a period of a month targeting four districts. The name of the campaign was “Ukusambakuminwe e life ni mfwaya” meaning, Hand washing with soap is […]

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SNV celebrates Global Handwashing Day with multi-week campaign in Uganda

October 10, 2016

SNV conducted a campaign in Uganda which led up to World Toilet Day, which focused on addressing topics such as proper construction of handwashing stations, handwashing at five critical times, using handwashing triggering tools, and more. SNV also worked to upgrade handwashing stations. At an event, the President […]

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