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The Global Handwashing Partnership


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CDC Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Fact Sheet

Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer (alcohol-based handrub) is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you. This fact sheet shows you when and how to clean […]


Global Handwashing Partnership Annual Report 2019

This report shares highlights from the Global Handwashing Partnership’s work in 2019. Read the report to learn about our advocacy and knowledge management activities, and how you can get involved.


Life Is Better with Clean Hands Campaign Promotion Toolkit

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently launched Life is Better with Clean Hands, a new handwashing campaign designed to motivate adults to make clean hands part of their daily lives and encourage parents and caregivers to be handwashing role models for […]


Special Olympics Handwashing Poster

This poster, developed by Special Olympics International, shows the key times for handwashing and demonstrates the steps to clean hands.


How data, leadership, and accountability led to better hand hygiene

  Ms. Maureen Banks, RN, DNP, MBA, NEA-BC, FACHE, is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive of the Spaulding Rehab Network. She shared her experience leading Spaulding Hospital Cambridge to dramatically reducing infection rates through improvements in hand hygiene. Working to prevent infection […]

 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Handwashing and Measles Infographic

This infographic introduces key ways to prevent the transmission of measles through handwashing. In addition to vaccination, handwashing with soap is an effective way to prevent the transmission and spread of the measles virus.


 /  Published by Teal Patents Ltd

Preschool and Nursery School-focused Handwashing Worksheets

This resource, uploaded by the Kiddiwash team, provides designs, worksheets and learning certificates to help nursery school children learn the importance of handwashing at critical times. OrganizationTeal Patents LtdName of person submittingPhilip Briggs

 /  Published by Medical Aid Films

Medical Aid Films: Community Handwashing – Mr. Tembo Comes Clean!

In this video produced by Medical Aid Films, we follow Mr. Tembo and his family in Chipulusuku, Zambia. Lessons on the connection between handwashing, wound healing and work absenteeism are shared as Mr. Tembo and his community learn that hand hygiene saves lives.

 /  Published by UNICEF & Global Handwashing Partnership

Online Module: Handwashing promotion: Monitoring and Evaluation

This guide will walk you through planning and implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for your handwashing promotion program. Programs that promote handwashing are diverse and vary in scope.


 /  Published by UNICEF & Global Handwashing Partnership

Online Module: More than Soap and Water- Taking Handwashing with Soap to Scale

The UNICEF Handwashing Module outlines how handwashing behavior can be changed on a large or national scale by providing lessons from industrial marketing and public health approaches and thinking.


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