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 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership, USAID, University of Zurich & Harvard Business School

Norms, nudges, or addiction? Understanding drivers for handwashing behavior change.

This webinar summary highlights findings from research and programs on norms, nudges and other drivers of hand hygiene behavior change.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Global Handwashing Day 2017 Planner’s Guide, 6th edition

Updated for 2017, this Planner’s Guide will help you plan a successful Global Handwashing Day event. The Planner’s Guide is also available in French and Spanish.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Fact Sheet: Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Facilities

This fact sheet highlights the evidence on healthcare-related risks of poor hygiene and the critical components in the improvement of quality of care and reduction of negative outcomes of poor hand hygiene compliance in healthcare facilities.


 /  Published by USAID & FHI 360

Essential WASH Actions: A Training & Reference Pack to Supplement Essential Nutrition Actions

This document expounds the relationship between WASH and nutrition through action items and capacity-building materials.


Global Handwashing Day 2017 Social Media Toolkit

Updated for 2017, this social media toolkit has sample messages, blog ideas, and resources to help celebrants and handwashing champions spread the word about Global Handwashing Day. This toolkit is available in English, French & Spanish.  


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership, Medentech, WHO, USAID Maternal and Child Survival Program & Beninese Association for Social Marketing

WASH Counts in Healthcare Facilities: From awareness to action

This webinar summary provides context on the status of WASH in healthcare facilities, as well as insights into assessments, programs and action plans to reduce healthcare-associated infections linked to inadequate hand hygiene.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

The State of Handwashing in 2016

In this summary, we outline key themes and findings from 59 handwashing-related research papers published in 2016.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

July to December 2016 Research Summary

Between July and December 2016, we identified 37 relevant peer-reviewed studies on handwashing. Learn about key findings during this time period in this handwashing research summary from the second half of 2016.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing Annotated Annual Report, 2016

In 2016, the PPPHW continued its work on advocacy and knowledge leadership as outlined in its 2013-2016 strategy. This annual report outlines our accomplishments and highlights from the year.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership, CDC, American Cleaning Institute & St. Louis County Department of Public Health

Clean Hands Prevent Cold & Flu: Protect yourself through good hygiene

This webinar summary highlights the role of hand hygiene in flu prevention, as well as the importance of integrated efforts between federal and provincial governments and non-profits in interventions.


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