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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Global Handwashing Day 2018 Press Release

October 8, 2018

This press release announces this year’s Global Handwashing Day. It provides information about this year’s theme, “Clean Hands – A recipe for health,” and more information about Global Handwashing Day and its partners.

Global Handwashing Day Lessons for Planners

October 1, 2018

Ahead of the 10th Global Handwashing Day in 2018, the Global Handwashing Day conducted a survey and set of interviews to understand the impact of the Day. This short document distills the key findings from that review and presents a set of recommendations for people […]

Global Handwashing Day Calls to Action

September 13, 2018

This document lists some key actions that Global Handwashing Day celebrants may promote among their target audiences. These messages are intended to guide celebrants and may be adapted to fit the appropriate context.

Global Handwashing Day 2018 Fact Sheet

August 30, 2018

This fact sheet explains the research behind this year’s Global Handwashing Day theme. Read the fact sheet for a brief explanation of how handwashing connects with food hygiene and nutrition, and why clean hands are a recipe for health!    

Infographic: Clean hands – a recipe for health

August 9, 2018

The theme for Global Handwashing Day 2018 focuses on handwashing, food hygiene, and nutrition. Our tagline, ‘clean hands- a recipe for health’, reminds us to make handwashing a part of every meal. Read this infographic to learn more about the theme and what you can […]

Global Handwashing Day 2018 Social Media Toolkit

August 8, 2018

Updated for 2018, this social media toolkit has sample messages, images, and graphics to help celebrants and handwashing champions spread the word about Global Handwashing Day This toolkit includes: Crafted messages about Global Handwashing Day for Twitter, Facebook, and blogs Shareable images with 4 food […]

Global Handwashing Day Planner’s Guide 2018

August 7, 2018

Updated for 2018, this Planner’s Guide will help you plan a successful Global Handwashing Day event. This guide provides background information on this year’s theme, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-use tools, exploring the importance of handwashing with soap. This guide features: Spotlights on big ideas in […]

Event summary: Sustaining WASH behaviors and practices in healthcare settings

July 23, 2018

At the 41st WEDC conference, the Global Handwashing Partnership, Aquatabs, Amref Health Africa, Tufts University, and World Vision convened a discussion on sustaining behaviors and practices for water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in health facilities to improve patient safety and quality of care. This summary covers the key points from the presentations and discussions at the session, and all presentations are […]

2017 Handwashing Research Summary

May 18, 2018

In this summary, we outline key themes and findings from 117 handwashing-related research papers published in 2017.  This summary presents the overarching findings of the literature on handwashing, and explores specific data and context. Key themes include access and coverage; benefits of handwashing; measuring handwashing […]


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