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Handwashing Stations Database

People with access to a designated handwashing device are 2x as likely to wash their hands with soap.

This database serves as a repository of fit-for-purpose handwashing station designs and aims to be a source of information and inspiration for the promotion and scale up of handwashing globally. Use the filters to explore handwashing station products and designs that best fit your specific context.

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Found 22 Results

Rural Water Development Programme Ghana Handwash station 2

This station is foot operated and user friendly. It is easy to refill, portable and easy to transport. It is also cost effective and durable.

Rural Water Development Programme Ghana Handwash station 1

This station is foot/hand operated and user friendly, easy to refill, disability friendly, portable and easy to transport. One side is foot operated and the other side is hand operated.


This station is a contactless system which dispenses liquid soap and the flow of water automatically. It provides a user-friendly service for all, including the physically challenged, as it does not require any force for its operation.  There are single and multiple user models and […]

Foot Pump Hand-Wash station

The Foot Pump Hand Wash Station is lightweight and mobile. The handless tap is connected to an easy to operate foot paddle to make sure you have enough water running for safe hand wash. A wide counter space makes for a truly self-contained portable hand […]

Foot operated handwash system, 50-150 USD, Ghana

This is a foot operated system for water and liquid soap. It is easily accessible, cost effective, easy to transport in smaller vehicles, and maintains a cheaper maintenance cost.


This station is hands free & foot-operated. Carefully designed to avoid contamination during and after use, the product structure is made of galvanized steel materials and finished with high quality protective paint. This product is adaptable to all situations and environments due to its portability […]


This station is built to withstand all weather conditions. It has 2 paddles, 1 to open the Tap for the water to flow and 1 to dispense the soap. It includes a 200 liter capacity tank that can give at least 400 hand washes before […]

Sunsink Hand Washing Machine

This station includes: 250 watts solar panels: panel size (mm) 1670 x 990 x 45. Lithium batteries: 692.64WH, 2.6Ah, 18V, which last longer than the traditional cell batteries. These batteries are designed specifically for this device so it controls theft. Galvanized steel and water pump: […]


This station is powered by solar and made with a recycled barrel. It has the technology to allow touchless use.

Sani-wise Handwash Station

This station uses bright colors to make it more attractive to users, especially first time users. Inscriptions on the station are intended to educate and motivate people to wash their hands frequently and draw attention to the device to make it inviting the use. Single-user […]

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Disclaimer: This Handwashing station database in no way warrants, represents or implies that it is a complete and thorough evaluation of any of the mentioned products. The models and products included in this database are displayed for information purposes only, and the lists are not exhaustive and do not represent a list of preferred products. This Database is not UNICEF intellectual property and should not be used for any manner that suggests or could be perceived as an endorsement, preference for or promotion of the Supplier’s products by UNICEF or the United Nations. UNICEF bears no responsibility whatsoever for any claims, damages or consequences arising from or in connection with the Database or use of any of the products by any third party.


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