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The Global Handwashing Partnership

Wash’Em Webinar: Doing Hygiene Programming Better

Published: April 1, 2019  /  Published by Wash'Em Project

This resource provides a recording and other resources from the Wash’Em Webinar entitled, “Doing Hygiene Programming Better”.

Did you know that in the acute phase of a crisis about 40% of all mortality is due to diarrhea? Promoting handwashing in crises contexts has the potential to reduce this burden by half.

The Wash’Em Project aims to help humanitarians design rapid, evidence-based and context-specific hygiene programs. Why? Because distributing hygiene kits and teaching people about disease transmission is not delivering sufficient impact.

In this webinar, we discuss why we need to promote handwashing with soap during crises and why this is often harder than it might seem. We introduce you to a new solution to this problem – Wash’Em. We explain how the Wash’Em approach works, what the tools look like and how they were developed. Lastly, we share some case studies from different humanitarian crises where Wash’Em has been used. We recommend watching this webinar if you are considering using Wash’Em in the country where you work.

The webinar recording is available here.

You can download the Wash’Em tools here.



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