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 /  Published by World Bank Water & Sanitation Program

Validity of Rapid Measures of Handwashing Behavior: An analysis of Data from Multiple Impact Evaluations in the Global Scaling Up Handwashing Project

This multi-country analysis of the validity of rapid handwashing measures confirms the utility of observing handwashing materials at the places where people wash hands, at the times most necessary for washing them (after fecal contact and before food preparation).


 /  Published by Journal of Parasitology Research-Hindawi

Assessing the Health Impact of WASH Measures in Schools in Maradi (Niger)

This study examined the impact of clean water supply, latrines, handwashing stations, and health promotion education on Nigerien school children’s health.


 /  Published by Unilever

Help a Child Reach 5 Video

This inspiring video from Unilever Lifebuoy’s Help a Child Reach 5 handwashing campaign demonstrates the powerful role handwashing can have in child survival.  

 /  Published by The University at Buffalo

Handwashing: It’s Such an Easy Thing to Do

This resource, a keynote delivered at the 2014 UNC Water and Health Conference, highlights the pains and gains of hand hygiene as a public health intervention.


 /  Published by UNICEF

Raising Even More Clean Hands: Advancing Health, Learning, and Equity through WASH in Schools

This Joint Call to Action outlines the importance of WASH in Schools and provides practical examples of how governments and others can support WASH in Schools.


 /  Published by UNICEF

Compendium of WASH in Schools Facilities in Emergencies

The compendium has gathered information on equipment and designs for temporary learning spaces/schools in emergency interventions that deliver WASH-related health benefits while minimizing disruption to education opportunities.

 /  Published by Minnesota Department of Health

Handwashing Curriculum for Students of All Ages

This resource provides links to a series of handwashing curricula developed by the Minnesota Department of Health.

 /  Published by PLoS Medicine

From Joint Thinking to Joint Action: A Call to Action on Improving Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Maternal and Newborn Health

Water, sanitation, and hygiene are of vital importance for maternal and newborn health. This report highlights the linkages between the two and urges for better integration.


 /  Published by The Lancet

Effect of Handwashing on Child Health: A Randomized Controlled Trial

This randomized controlled trial assessed the effect of hand hygiene promotion on diarrhea and acute lower respiratory tract infection.


 /  Published by SPRING/Bangladesh

How to Build Your Own Tippy-Tap

This brochure from SPRING/Bangladesh shows the steps used to construct a tippy-tap handwashing station.


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